Ceramics 1 is an introduction to pottery using wheel throwing and hand building. Students will develop various visual and kinesthetic skills while creating functional pots.  During the last 3 - 4 weeks of course, students will learn a variety of glazing techniques as well as firing basics. This is a fun course that requires patience and practice in order to succeed.

Ceramics 4 /Aesthetic in Clay is an advanced level of ceramics (& sculpture) class that is designed for students yearning for final preparation & development for college course work. Students will be challenged by the responsibility of running a studio, exploring self expressionism, demonstrate an aesthetic awareness in their art both conceptual & perceptual, and establishing a portfolio with documentation. 

Welcome to Contemporary Raku.This course is an advanced ceramics class for students that have completed ceramics 1 & 2 classes. In this class we experiment with various outdoor firings ,try different glazing techniques to create a unique surface on the ceramic ware, study the history of "Raku" from Japan and the contemporary version that is used in United States today.

In Drawing 1,we will deal with a variety of drawing techniques and mediums as well as create a portfolio of sketchbooks and final projects.